Switch to Cheaper Gas and Electricity

Energy prices are predicted to rise significantly for several years, so it’s worth checking that you’ve got the best gas and electricity deal for you. With so many tariffs available from so many providers, using comparison sites can be the easiest way.

Which comparison site to use?
Results from different comparison sites will vary, so try a number of sites to make sure you find the best deal. Comparison sites may show tariffs that are cheaper than those on the energy supplier’s website, so switch directly from the comparison site if you can. Again, the suppliers you can switch to directly will vary, so check a few comparison sites. If you can’t switch to your favourite tariff directly then call the supplier or apply from their website. We’ve tested a few comparison sites with our own details to see how they compare. The sites below are Ofgem accredited, so you can be sure the options and prices they present are calculated and displayed in a fair and accurate way.

NameNumber of Tariffs
Number Available to
Switch to Directly
Savings Rating
Energy Helpline3161%5

What information do I need?
To get the best results, have the total kWh used per year for gas or electricity (or both). Some energy companies will send you an annual statement of your usage. If you don’t have a full year’s usage available, you can estimate using recent bills. For example, if your bill says you used 450 kWh over 90 days, then divide 450 by 90, and multiply by 365, to get a yearly figure of 1825 kWh per year. This won’t reflect the seasonal changes in usage but it will give a reasonable estimate. If you know your current provider and tariff, the comparison sites will then show you which ones will save you money, and how much you can save.