Save On Supermarket Shopping

Pay less money, eat more healthily.
Supermarket and grocery shopping is probably a regular part of your weekly spending. So if you could reduce your supermarket bill, you could save a lot of money each year. The mySupermarket website could help you do this, and eat more healthily in the process.

Compare the supermarkets.
One simple way of reducing spending is to compare prices across different shops. This can be easy for just one or two items, but doing it for all the things you buy from the supermarket would be difficult, especially if the supermarkets you want to compare are far apart. Naturally, online shopping makes this easier but mySupermarket has taken the idea much further. With mySupermarket, you can compare not only individual items but your whole shopping basket, across four online supermarkets; Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco and Ocado.

Shop in 4 stores at once.
mySupermarket does not just allow you to see or compare prices, like many comparison sites do. It actually enables you to shop at the four supermarkets, without going to their own websites. No matter which store you choose, as you shop, you will see the total cost at all four supermarkets so you can compare them. If you find another store is cheaper for all the items you’ve chosen, you can switch to that store with one click and continue shopping from there. Equivalent items from the new shop are automatically placed in your basket. In many ways, the mySupermarket shop is actually nicer to use than the supermarkets’ own web sites.

You don’t miss out on special offers.
Shopping online doesn’t mean you miss all the special offers available in store. You are able to see a wide range of offers as you shop. In fact, the system will also check your basket and suggest items you can swap for similar products and save money.

Healthy eating.
mySupermarket also checks the fat, sugar, salt and calorie content of your shopping. It will suggest healthier alternatives to your chosen items when it can.

Get more points.
You will collect your loyalty points as usual, so shopping at Sainsbury’s will give you Nectar points. In addition, however, you will also get Maximiles points.

You really can save.
If you’re already using online supermarket shopping, using mySupermarket is a bit of a no-brainer. It’s convenient, you can save money, you get more points. If you don’t shop online, you may think that having to pay for delivery will wipe out any saving you might make. According to mySupermarket, you save about 30% on your shopping, which should easily cover your delivery costs.