Earn Rewards From TV and Radio

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Do you watch TV or listen to the radio? Even the most industrious of us watch a programme or two. You can get rewarded for what you’ve watched or listened to. I’m not encouraging you to watch more TV just for rewards. But if you’re watching it anyway, why not try to recoup some of the costs of TV, like the licence fee and subscription costs.

Help shape the future of TV and radio.
Why would they pay me to watch TV? Well, as with other paid surveys, your opinions help to bring improvements for the future. Just by answering a few questions each day, you help programme providers to improve their service to us.

It’s quick, easy and fun.
There are two surveys I can recommend and they are both easy to do. If you can remember what you watched yesterday then you’ll have no problem. If your memory’s not at its best, making notes for the survey the following day may help. These surveys can also be fun, so you may enjoy this more than you thought.

GFK Mediaview
This site will send you one daily survey about the TV programmes you watched yesterday, and one for the radio you listened to. You answer a few questions about these programs, mostly multiple choice. Each day’s survey gives you another entry into the monthly TV and Radio prize draws. There are over 2900 prizes to be won every month and prizes range from £2 to £1000. I’m usually not too keen on surveys that pay in prize draws as the chance of getting rewarded can often be too low. However, I do recommend GfK MediaView. Instead of awarding one big prize, they award thousands of small prizes so you could win a prize almost every month. The surveys are also very quick to do. It’s mostly same questions every day, so once you’re used to them, you can complete them in a couple of minutes. There are also occasional special surveys which run for 7 days. For these you are paid a fixed amount, usually £5. All this means that you get a good return relative to the time taken.

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