Survey Network Review

The “Must Have” paid survey site
Frequent surveys, good payment and a fantastic referral program make this a paid survey site you must consider using.

Frequent Surveys
If you want to maximise your paid survey income by taking as many surveys as you can get, then you must join Survey Network. They currently serve at least 6 surveys every day. Surveys usually pay between £0.50 and £1.50 and take 10-25 minutes. As a result, it is not too difficult to earn over £20 per month from this site alone. See proofs of payment below.

Proof of Payment

Quick Payment
The minimum payment you can request is £20 so you will not have to wait long between payments. Payment is made to a PayPal account only. Payments are made quickly after your request.

Earn Even More From Your Referrals
As if the survey payment was not impressive enough, Survey Network has another great feature. When you invite your friends, you get paid 10% of whatever they earn from taking surveys. So if they earn £1 for a survey, you get 10p. Put another way, you could double your income just by inviting 10 friends like you. These payments continue as long as you and they keep taking surveys. So if you have friends who may be interested earning from surveys, sign them up and start earning from their work.

The Paid Survey “Diamond In The Rough”
The Survey Network website does not have the polish of some other paid survey sites like MySurvey or Valued Opinions; but don’t be put off by its more basic appearance. With the frequency of surveys and relatively low payment threshold, this is one of the quickest earning survey sites available.