Get Paid To Answer Surveys

Your opinions are valuable.
Businesses want to know what you think about the products and services you use. They will reward you for completing surveys and sharing your views. Rewards can be in the form of money, gift vouchers or entries into prize draw competitions. Payments for each survey can range from 10p up to around £3, depending on the site and how long they take. With the more generous sites, you could earn £20 – £30 per month. That may not sound like much but registering with just 5 sites that make £15 per month would give you £900 at the end of the year. Many sites also pay you for inviting your friends, some even paying every time they complete a survey. Survey Network pays you 10% of the money earned by people you invite. Anyone can do it. Completing online surveys requires no specialist knowledge or skills. Most surveys simply ask for your own experiences, so you know all the answers. They usually need people from a variety of backgrounds.

Help to shape the future
By completing surveys, you are helping to shape the future of products and services that you may want to use. It can be quite pleasing to see something you were surveyed about appear on TV or in the shops, knowing that you contributed to the final product. Some sites may even send you free samples of products to test and keep.

Great if you …

  • Are a student, and want to raise some extra cash in your free time.
  • Need to stay at home, for example, to look after children, but find yourself with free time.
  • Are off work, due to injury, or are just between jobs.

Mix and Match to maximise earnings
Although some sites pay higher rates than others, their surveys may be less frequently. To maximise earnings, register for multiple sites to ensure you have a constant supply of surveys to do. You will find that with a systematic approach, you can earn enough to pay for a nice holiday each year or maybe to cover the cost of Christmas shopping. You can complete surveys at any time of the day so you can organise your surveys around your daily activities. Surveys can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 30 minutes, and you will be rewarded accordingly. Most survey sites will email you when a survey is available, but for some (like PureProfile), you will need to check the site regularly.

Tips for completing surveys

  • Consider using a separate email address for your surveys. This keeps them all together and easy to find and will reduce the clutter in your main email account.
  • Complete your profile immediately to quickly increase the number of surveys you get offered.
  • Complete surveys early to avoid getting screened out.. Most surveys are looking for people with specific experiences, e.g. “have you bought mobile phone X recently”. The first few questions will establish whether you’re the type of person they need. If you’re not, or they reach the quota of people with a similar to you, you will get ‘screened out’ and your survey will end. If you’re screened out, you may be still be paid a reduced amount, or entered into a prize draw, but often you will not be paid. Surveys also have an expiry date which may be just a few days away.
  • Answer honestly. Your answers are only useful if they are truthful and accurate, so think carefully and answer honestly. Be aware that many survey sites test the consistency of your answers across many surveys, so if you start to contradict yourself, the survey may terminate and you may even be banned from the site, losing any rewards you have earned.
  • Invite your friends to make use of any referral programs available. Most will pay you for each referral who signs up, but some will pay repeatedly, every time your referral completes a survey.
  • Get a PayPal account. It’s free and enables you to use more survey sites.
  • Claim your rewards quickly. You never know when a site may close down so don’t leave large amounts unclaimed.
  • Don’t pay to access survey sites, most genuine sites are free. Many sites offer to sell you a list of survey sites but don’t pay for these either. There are many free lists available. Check out our UK Paid Survey Comparison which compares pay rates, survey frequency and reward types.